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Quality Management Systems are important in every industry but it’s the cornerstone of our business.  Kent Mold & Mfg provides precision machined parts to a variety of industries including commercial aerospace, space and defense. These industries demand that suppliers go above and beyond ISO 9001:2008 quality management to ensure near perfection in their parts.

Kent Mold made a commitment to invest significant time and money to achieve AS9100C certification – the quality standard for the aerospace industry.  AS9100C requires that we take a structured approach to manufacturing and that every step in the process be well documented. There are many benefits. Among the most important are eliminated waste, reduced costs and our customers receive the machined parts they expect – every time.

Our quality department has a full time staff that utilizes Statistical Process Controls, optical comparators, gauges and other tools to ensure part quality.  But at Kent Mold quality extends past the Quality Department. It is a culture and the responsibility of every employee involved in production.

Each year, a third-party auditor visits our facility to ensure our compliance with the AS9100C standards before re-certifying us. They look at our records; monitor our progress towards continuous improvement goals and even measures customer satisfaction.

While AS9100C is an aerospace and defense standard, we apply its principles to every part we make – regardless of industry.

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